Walking Tours of Austin

Walking Tours of Austin

There are many walking tours in Austin, Texas, and choosing one that fits your interests is essential. There are morning walks, ghost tours, and even murder tours. Read on to discover which one is right for you. You’ll never forget your experience! Below are some of the most popular walking tours of Austin. And remember to try one out! You might even discover some interesting facts about Austin along the way! But be sure to read the entire article before you choose a walking tour!

Morning Walk Austin

A great way to explore the city’s many attractions is with a morning walk. This 90-minute walking tour of downtown Austin will introduce you to iconic sights and the city’s history. You’ll also learn about the most notable local restaurants and bars. To make the most of the tour, be sure to bring comfortable walking shoes. The tour will be accompanied by a storyteller who will entertain you while explaining the city’s history.

A tour of the city’s past takes you back to the days of Austin’s early days. For one thing, it’s in the Hill Country, so the city has hills. But an early morning walk on Guadalupe St. from Lady Bird Lake reveals the city’s steeper terrain. During the walk, you’ll see the city’s skyline in the foreground – a valley of office towers and condos and the glow of the dawn sun grazing over the dome of the Texas State Capitol.

Ghost Walk Austin

If you’re looking for a ghostly tour in Austin, Texas, you’ve come to the right place. Ghost Walk Austin offers nightly tours of the city’s most haunted locations, and it’s perfect for families, too. You’ll see paranormal activity at haunted hotels, jailhouses, and even the Capitol Building. It’s an up-close look into the restless history of the city and the people who live there.

The ghost tour is 90 minutes long and hosted by a nationally recognized storyteller. You’ll hear about all kinds of haunted history, from forbidden love to heartbreaking suicides to bizarre accidents. While some ghosts are harmless, others have committed horrific crimes, including suicides. One Austin ghost tour tracks down the tragic dual suicides that occurred in the Driskill Hotel, which took the lives of two brides 20 years apart. If you’re a history buff, you’ll love the opportunity to experience the eerie side of Austin.

While you’re on this tour, don’t forget to take your camera! You’ll be captivated by Austin’s rich history of ghostly happenings. A ghost walking tour is the perfect way to get a little closer to the city’s eerie side, and it’s the perfect addition to any Halloween celebration. In addition to the history of Austin, you’ll learn a little bit about the city’s wild west past.

Murder Walks Austin

For true crime enthusiasts or those new to the city, the Austin Serial Killer Tour is an excellent choice. The tour requires online purchase of $40 tickets and you’ll meet with your tour guide at a designated time to begin the tour. Your guide uses pictures, news articles, and time-piece memorabilia to lead the tour and lead you to the locations of the crimes committed by America’s first documented serial killer. Afterwards, you’ll visit the Driskill Hotel for a drink.

The Ghost Walking Tour of Austin begins at Jo’s Coffee and will follow the footsteps of the notorious serial killers. You’ll visit historic crime scenes, learn about the history of the area, and discover a new side of Austin that you might otherwise never see. The tour includes breaks and is conducted at a strolling pace. You’ll also visit the driskill Hotel and the area’s popular street art. After the tour, you’ll get to see more of the city.

Whether you’re interested in the history of Austin or in true crime, this walking tour is the perfect place to start your trip. The tour starts at the intersection of Sixth and Bowie streets and lasts for approximately 105 minutes. It also includes visits to three additional murder sites. Along the way, you’ll learn how a murderer might have gotten away with the crime and what life was like for the residents of Austin back then.

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